Monday, June 13 – Friday, June 17, 2022

Come join the Historical Harp Society
Historical Harp Retreat – Virtual Edition

Join us from 9:00 am to noon (Pacific Daylight Time) every day
10-1 Mountain, 11-2 Central, 12-3 Eastern, 4-7 pm GMT

Monday – Medieval (Nancy Thym)
Tuesday – Renaissance (Jennifer Sayre)
Wednesday – Baroque (Maxine Eilander)
Thursday – Classical (Jan Walters)
Friday – Latin American (Alfredo Rolando Ortiz)

Note to all HHS Conference Attendees

Thank you for your support and participation. To access the live conference, check your email each morning you registered to attend. Find a message with that day’s Zoom link and any handouts available. There will be a different link in a new email each day, so check each morning that you registered for. Download any handouts/slides attached to the email and click on the Zoom link to come to the meeting. In Zoom, please use your name which you registered under. The three dots at the top of your picture in Zoom give you an options menu where you can change your display name if necessary. It is also helpful for everyone to keep their microphone off but camera on. That creates the most engaging environment.

The member meeting link has been sent to all members. The social hour link will be sent to all attendees. Please check your email Tuesday morning for those links in reminder emails.

If you signed up for late viewing, check your email the day after the meeting you registered for. Look for a late viewing email which will contain a link to the video and have the handouts/slides (if available) attached. The link will work for one week after the e-mail is sent.

Any questions can be sent to a.humphrey4264 [at]

Welcome to the conference!