WORKSHOP – Madison Early Music Festival: July 8-15

Mosse Humanities Building at 455 N. Park Street


Jennifer Sayre: Music and Methods of the Spanish Golden Age

Music books of the 16th and 17th centuries in Spain were often published for “tecla, arpa, y vihuela” (keyboard, harp, and vihuela). This class will explore the notational system and its development necessitated by the changes in the repertoire during the Siglo de Oro. The class will become acquainted with Spanish Renaissance and Baroque popular tunes, dances, religious pieces, and original tientos (fantasias).



Christa Patton, Musical Director – Madison Early Opera Workshop: Scenes from La Purpura de la Rosa, Lima (1701)

Composed by Tomás de Torrejón y Velasco, a student of the great harpist/composer Juan Hidalgo, father of Spanish Baroque opera, La Purpura was the first opera performed in the New World. It is a treasure trove of high-style theatre music from Spain’s Golden Age, including sumptuous Tonos Humanos (solo songs), sparkling duets, and spectacular four-part choirs, often consisting of SSAT voices.

Nell Snaidas, Baroque vocal style, Spanish diction, and stage direction; Charles Weaver, lute and guitar; Jennifer Sayre; Spanish Baroque harp; Peggy Murray, Spanish dance


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