2021 Registration

The 2021 HHS Conference will be held entirely online. YouTube videos and Zoom links will be posted daily. Advance registration is helpful, but not required. To pre-register, use the form below.


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    Workshop handouts - All workshops are open to all participants without preregistration. Most handouts and background material will be available for download from the HHS website. Handouts for Bill Taylor's presentation and workshop will be e-mailed one week ahead of time. Do you plan to attend Bill Taylor's presentation and workshop?

    Comments, questions, suggestions (optional)

    The suggested donation is $20 per workshop, or $140 for the entire conference.

    To donate via PayPal, log into your PayPal account, select Tools > Send Money, use the e-mail address HHSTreas@yahoo.com, select "Paying for goods or services", then "Continue". In the E-mail to Recipient, please indicate your name and that this is a 2021 conference donation.