Thursday, June 18

9:00 am Pacific / 12 noon Eastern

Maxine Eilander and Stephen Stubbs: The Baroque Harp: Solo and Continuo, Presentation

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Watch the videos below before the session if possible.


Claudio Monteverdi: L’Orfeo 1607
Pacific MusicWorks: La Musica: start at 6:47-11:19
Pacific MusicWorks: Possente Spirto: start at 11:07 (harp solo begins at-15:12-17:48)


Giovanni Battista Fontana
Pacific MusicWorks: Sonata Seconda


G. F. Handel
Seattle Baroque: Handel Harp concerto: 1st mvt: Larghetto


‘Se t’ecclissi/Vive stelle’ from Steffani’s Orlando Generoso



Virtual Concert (flexible time)

For best results, listen to some or all of the pieces below in advance of the reception at noon Pacific on Thursday. Performers will be at our reception Thursday (Noon Pacific, 3:00 Eastern). Please attend if you would like to visit with any of them!


Como poden per sas culpas
Cantigas de Santa Maria del Rey Alfonso El Sabio (1221-1284)
Jan Walters harp [Simon Capp, arpa doble]


Lamento di Tristan/La Rotta………………British Library MS Add 29987
Christa Patton, harp [Rainer Thurau, Galilei double row bray harp]
Dongmyung Ahn, vielle, Deborah Fox, lute


[Medieval Melody harp: Thilo Viehrig, bray gothic harp; Wartburg, Eisenach, Germany source]
Ballad of King Orfeo [harp: Ardival, clarsach; lyre: Thilo Viehrig]
Ballad of Tam Lin
Nancy Thym
Thilo Viehrig, rebec, asymmetrical metal-strung lyre
1:26-3:39 (Medieval Melody); 11:55-15:55 (Ballad of King Orfeo); 48:26-51:53 (Ballad of Tam Lin)


Carolan’s Concerto – Turlough O’Carolan (1670-1738)
Nancy Hurrell [harp: John Egan, Portable Irish Harp, c. 1819, Dublin, Ireland]


The Young Man’s Dream, from A Selection of Ancient Irish Melodies, Charles Egan, 1822


The Kilkenny Tune


Romance from Sonata in Bb major, op. 13. no 1, Jean-Baptiste Krumpholtz (1742-1790)
Nancy Hurrell [harp: Gondefroi Holtzman, single-action pedal, Paris, France, c. 1785]


Duets for Harps, Opus 10, No. 1
Opus 10, No. 2 “O ma tendre musette”………….P.J. Hinner (1781)
Paul Knoke [harp: Naderman, 1787 harp restorer Michael Parfett.]
Mike Parker [harp: anonymous crochet action harp, ca. 1790]



Sonata for Harp, Sophia Dussek (1775-1847)
I Allegro maestoso
II Lochaber
III Rondo allegretto
Jan Walters [harp: Sebastian Erard, single action pedal, London, England, 1808]


Harpe Concert No, 8 in G major, William Lawes (1602-1645)
Maxine Eilander [harp: Claus Hüttel Italian triple harp 2007]
Les Voix Humaines


Sonata di basso per Cimbalo e Arpa o Lauto, Gregorio Strozzi (1615-1687)
Christa Patton [harp: Rainer Thurau, Zampieri Italian Triple]
Rebecca Cypess [clavicytherium: Steven Sørli]



12 noon Pacific / 3:00 Eastern

Virtual Reception with HHS active members and performers.

Please join us at our Virtual Reception!
Reception start, announcements: 12:00 Pacific
Breakout Rooms to talk in small groups with performers: 12:15
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