2020 Conference

Historical Harp Society Virtual Conference

Early Harp from the Past into the Present

June 15-18, 2020

  • Events will be in Zoom. See information on setting up Zoom and the meeting link below.
  • Videos related to presentations are linked; for best results, watch in advance.
    • Presentations will include question and answer time at the end.
  • Videos for two listening events are linked; for best results, listen to some or all of the music before attending the reception in Zoom:
    • Tuesday’s “Virtual Listening Room” includes several hours of music
    • Thursday’s “Virtual Concert” includes about an hour of music
  • Our reception will include opening welcome and announcements and a chance to talk to our presenters in break-out rooms. Post your breakout room choice in the Zoom chat screen; you can come back to the main room and move to another breakout room by re-posting a new selection in the chat screen.
  • Suggested donation is $20/event via check or PayPal (see instructions).
  • The HHS reserves the right to remove and block anyone who is disrupting our online events. Please keep your microphone muted unless given other instructions during the sessions (for example, to interact in breakout rooms during the reception). Please post all questions for presenters or moderators in the chat feature in Zoom.

2020 Conference Overview

Monday, June 15

Tuesday, June 16

Wednesday, June 17

Thursday, June 18

Instructions for accessing events in Zoom

Instructions for sending donations

2020 Presenters